Training and Assessment

Training at Fairhaven provides members the skills and knowledge necessary to make the club effective in its mission to prevent drowning and injury on the beach. It aims to provide relevant instruction, great team experience, and an opportunity to safely test limits while gaining great skills.

Fairhaven has a great group of volunteer instructors with a broad range of skills. Our more senior instructors have been teaching lifesaving for over fifteen years and have been recognised as leaders in the field at the LSV Awards of Excellence nights several times, as well as our more recent additions to the fold, who have a great energy and engagement.

Training and Assessment

Fairhaven has a pass rate and candidate quality that is the envy of the district and State. We take pride in our ability to train all comers, not restricting access to squads as far as possible. You are welcome at Fairhaven squads no matter your previous experience, perception of ability or background.

Fairhaven also takes pride in it’s efforts to develop the leadership skills and experiences of it members, particularly young members, in a nurturing and supportive environment. Every year Fairhaven contributes participants to the State and National Youth Leadership and Development programmes, and brings these participants into effective roles within the club.

We would love to meet you on the beach and encourage you to get involved with one of our programmes. Whether you want to build new skills, train for a recognised qualification or have a great time, we’re ready to offer you the opportunity to do so and let you step forward to your potential to help save lives.