Parent Helpers

As most of you would know, the Nippers Program depends entirely on help from parents of the children involved. Without you, it simply cannot run.

Roles vary enormously; some are small, some are not so small, some are beach based, some are more administrative. Some are during the 2 weeks of Nippers, others are more pre season. Whatever your situation or preferred helper role, we can find something to suit you.

A minimum of 1 parent (or sibling 15 years or older) is required, from each Nipper family, to fill a Parent Helper role.

Multiple Roles may be selected for single or multiple family helpers. Roles will be allocated on a ‘first come first served’ basis. You may be asked to fulfil an alternative role should a role be over subscribed.

Age Group Manager (AGM)

(1 per Nipper group, 16 total)

Leader of a Nipper Age Group (20-30 children) 1 hour online course & flexible 2 hour practical component at Fairhaven or Sandridge
AGM assistant
(beach & water)
Assist AGM with beach & water activities Nil formal
AGM admin assistant

(1 per Nipper group, 16 total)

Assist AGM with admin tasks eg role call, liase with parents & with data entry officer re competition skills & entry Nil formal
Water Safety Officer Water safety either attached to an age group or Swim /Board section SRC or Bronze Medallion required.
Age Group Gear Steward

(1 per Nipper group, 16 total)

Set up flag, take age group tub to & from beach each day, assist with gear on beach Nil formal
BBQ Co-ordinators

(2 per day)

Co-ordinate cooking & serving of BBQ Nil formal. 1 Age Group to staff BBQ each Nipper session.
Nipper Disco Helpers Assist with planning, set up & pack up of Nipper Disco Wednesday Jan 2 Nil formal
First Aid Officer

(1 per Nipper session)

To provide first aid as needed during Nipper session Nursing/medical/paramedic
Competition data entry for Cosy Corner (4 people) Take details of Cosy Corner registrations on Mon Dec 29, data entry on website (3-4 hours) Short training session on day, Kirstin to provide
Gear Distribution Manager Co-ordinate Gear pack sorting on Boxing Day afternoon (3H) & gear distribution on Dec 27 am (3H) Nil formal, to liase with Kirstin
Gear Distribution Helpers To assist with gear pack sorting on Boxing Day afternoon (3H) & gear distribution on Dec 27 am (3H) Nil formal, to liase with Kirstin & Gear Distribution manager
Gear stock take helpers To sort & store left over gear, provide extra items for late comers as needed, to wash/count & store AGM/AGM assistant & water safety tops at end of program Nil
Specialist coaches Board, swim, beach coach
Competition Manager To assist with all aspects of Nipper competitions: team planning, parent helpers, gear transport
IRB Driver or Crew IRB Driver or Crew as needed at Nipper sessions & carnivals IRB Driver or Crew award

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