Registration for this years Nipper program is now CLOSED.

Anyone purchasing a family membership please note that this does not cover Nippers as enrolments for 2018-19 have now closed.

If you have enrolled in this years program you can keep up-to-date with all the latest news, and access Nipper resources, here in the Nipper section.

Please contact Kirstin Charlesworth at [email protected] with any queries.

Prior to registering for Nippers you need to make sure you have:

1) Joined or renewed your FSLC membership, making sure you renew for all family members. Nippers cannot enrol unless they themselves are active members on the portal & also that they have at least 1 parent or guardian who is an active FSLC member.

For more information on membership (including becoming a member) click here.
Membership is renewed via the SLSA Members Portal:

2) Paid family membership. Family membership is restricted to 1-2 adult members and their children aged between 5 and 17 years. This fee covers the cost of any children in that nuclear family participating in Nippers (there is no surplus “per head” fee). Anyone purchasing a family membership please note that you are only guaranteed Nippers enrolment if you enrol for Nippers between October 1& October 31 using your membership receipt number showing appropriate fee payment. Family Membership does not include U14 SRC or Bronze course fee. These can be paid at the same time but are a separate fee. Go To: Program Fees

3) Have a valid WWCC. Go To: Working with Children Check.

4) Swim Proficiency forms completed. Go To: Swimming Proficiency FAQ

5) Register for Nippers on this page from October 1-31

Season 2018/19

Season dates are as outlined below, some aspects still TBC & may be subject to minor changes but start & end dates are set at this time, to assist families making holiday plans.

Please contact Kirstin Charlesworth at [email protected] with any queries.

Sunday, 25 November Junior Carnival #1 – Altona
Saturday, 15 December Junior Carnival #2 – Mt Martha
Tuesday, 25 December Christmas Day
Wednesday, 26 December Boxing Day
Thursday, 27 December Session 1 10am-12noon
Friday, 28 December Session 2 10am-12noon
Saturday, 29 December Session 3 10am-12noon
Sunday, 30 December Session 4 10am-12noon
Monday, 31 December Session 5 10am-12noon
Tuesday, 1 January Door Knock
Wednesday, 2 January Lorne Shield (U7-U13), Nipper Disco and Open Mic times TBC
Thursday, 3 January Session 6 & March past 10am-12:30pm
Friday, 4 January Junior Carnival #3 – Cosy Corner (U8-U14)
Saturday, 5 January Club Champs (U7-U13)
Sunday, 6 January Tim Gates Classic Fun Run
Monday, 7 January Afternoon comp training (optional, U9-U14, time TBC)
Tuesday, 8 January Afternoon comp training (optional, U9-U14, time TBC)
Wednesday, 9 January Afternoon comp training (optional, U9-U14, time TBC)
Thursday, 10 January Afternoon comp training (optional, U9-U14, time TBC)
Friday, 11 January LORNE – Mountain to Surf
Saturday, 12 January LORNE – Pier to Pub
Saturday, 19 January Junior Carnival #4 – Bancoora
Sunday, 3 February Junior Carnival #5 – Mordialloc
Sunday, 10 February Junior Carnival #6 – Apollo Bay
23 / 24 February Junior State Championships

The Fairhaven SLSC Nippers has a proud history of teaching children how to have fun & keep safe on the beach since the summer of 1972/73.

The program is designed for children aged 5-14 & aims to teach them to be aware of important beach hazards (such as rips), as well as helping them to develop surf swimming & boarding skills. It also provides a terrific opportunity for physical activity, social interaction with peers & to improve awareness regarding environmental issues affecting our beaches & waterways. As Nippers move through the program they also acquire basic first aid & resuscitation skills. To enrol in our youngest age category, “Mozzies”, children must be 5 years old by September 30 in the year that they start. For details regarding age group cut off see Age Groups.

Nippers have the opportunity to compete in Competitions & Carnivals, both during the summer months & beyond (for more information see Nipper Competitions). The competition calendar culminates in the Victorian State Championships hosted by various SLSC’s state-wide. Children wishing to compete at these events are required to do a “Competition Competency Assessment” during the main Nipper program (which has replaced the S Badge) to ensure that they are safe to compete in the water.

Following on from the Nippers Program, young members of Fairhaven SLSC (aged 13-15) are able to gain their SRC (Surf Rescue Certificate), which is the first step to becoming a life saver or Patrolling member. This course runs as an 8 day program over summer (for details see Training & Assessment).

The Bronze Medallion course is run from age 15.