Nipper Uniforms

As part of the Nipper registration fee, a gear pack is provided to each new Nipper, on joining, irrespective of which age group they join.

To reduce waste and maximise our available funds for items such as Nipper boards and competition boards, we are encouraging returning Nippers to recycle and re-use their existing rashie.

Nipper Gear Packs for the 2022 / 23 Season

This year we will be issuing full gear packs to all nippers.

  • Nipper skull cap (orange and blue)
  • Broad brim sunhat
  • Blue sun protection rash vest
  • Pink high visibility rash vest (to be worn over blue in the water)
  • Towel
  • Gear bag

Top up items from list above are available for purchase from the Merchandise Shop online, along with other gear such as club bathers. This year the Merchandise Shop will be online and will be done on a click & collect basis. See our website for further details.