Nipper Registration – Steps for Existing Members

Step 1: Existing Fairhaven SLSC Members – Renewal is Open

Renew your FSLC membership, making sure you renew for all family members.

Nippers cannot enrol unless they themselves are active members on the portal & also that they have at least 1 parent or guardian who is an active FSLC member.

For further details regarding membership, please refer to our Membership section.
For our guide on renewing your Club or Family Membership click here. (PDF)

Membership is renewed via the SLSA Members Portal:

Step 2: Pay Family Membership $310

Paid family membership. Family membership includes 1-2 adult members and their children aged between 5 and 17 years. This step will be included in Step 1 above when you renew your membership.

This fee covers the cost of any children in that nuclear family participating in Nippers (there is no additional “per head” fee).

Step 3: Have a Valid WWCC

It is a requirement of LSV that all members 18 years and over should possess a valid Working With Children Check.

Go To: Working with Children Check.

Step 4: Swim Proficiency Forms Completed

Improving water competency & confidence is a key component of the Nipper program at Fairhaven SLSC, however we are not a learn-to-swim school. All children U6-U13 wishing to enter the water during nipper activities must have a basic level of competency.

The evaluation for all age groups is in place to ensure the safety and welfare of the child participating. If a child does not meet the required evaluation level, this does not mean they can’t participate in the program. Rather, it is in place so that a higher level of supervision can be provided when they are involved in water activities & the activity adjusted according to their level of ability.

In accordance with LSV regulations you need to have a swim proficiency form completed by a qualified swimming coach/teacher or pool lifeguard and submit the form when registering your child for nippers online. The U6/7 age groups don’t swim during the Nipper sessions however a basic level familiarity of water play is ideal, hence the proficiency assessment.

As we are no longer using the SportsBag app, we have developed an eform that can be submitted from our website – via this link. Alternatively, the Swim Proficiency Form can be printed, filled out and signed, then submitted as an electronic version (either in the form of a scanned copy or clear photo) to [email protected]. Copies of the form can be downloaded here.

You can register prior to this proficiency being filled out as long as we receive them by Friday 10th December 2021.

Given that swimming pools have been closed for some time, we understand that this maybe difficult, but please try to have this in as soon as possible.

Note: If forms are not submitted by this date your child may not be able to participate in the program.

Go To: Swimming Proficiency FAQ

Step 5: Register for Nippers (on nipper home page)

Registration for Nippers will open on 15th October and close on 3rd December 2021 (unless fully subscribed earlier).

Once you have renewed your Family Membership with Fairhaven SLSC and your request has been approved, you can sign your child/ren up for the Nipper Program.

When doing so, ensure you have the following details at hand:-

  • Payment Receipt number (which you would have received via email when you renewed)
  • Working With Children Check details of parent/s

Note: Registrations for individual age groups may close earlier if the maximum number of registrations allowed under the CovidSafe Plan are reached prior to 3rd December. If this is the case and your child is unable to be registered please email [email protected] to be placed on the Wait List (include child’s name. Age Group, number of years they have been doing nippers at Fairhaven and advise if you have other children registered in the program).

Go To:

Parent & Sibling Helpers

At Fairhaven SLSC we pride ourselves on delivering a great Nipper program, in large part due to the level of family participation.

It takes an army to run a program for 350+ children, with all of you playing a part in some way. If getting into the water isn’t your thing, we have many “non beach” based roles to choose from. So, as part of registering for Nippers on the Fairhaven website, we ask that you volunteer for at least 1 parent helper role.

Please do also consider offering teenage siblings to help (as an alternative or in addition to a parent helper). We are trying to get some of these kids more involved in leading groups & teaching board skills so if this may work for your family please indicate this on the form under “additional family member”.