Newsletter – November 7, 2018

Dear Members,

Hopefully an enjoyable Melbourne Cup weekend was had by all and that many of you made it to the Surfcoast!

I spent the weekend in Sydney with my family and toured a number of surf clubs including Freshwater, Queenscliff, North Steyne, Manly, Bronte, Tamarama and Clovelly.

Surf Club people are almost always friendly and obliging once you tell them you are from a Victorian club so don’t be shy if you are ever on holidays – the lifesaving community is strong nation wide.

I came away feeling very grateful for the quality of our facilities at Fairhaven – a number of clubs I saw looked like they could do with an upgrade.

The members of Tamarama SLSC obviously have a quirky sense of humour but I like it!

Requals – 11th and 18th November

Please get this task out of the way early so there isn’t a mad rush pre December 31!

All patrolling members need to requal if they wish to patrol this season. The opportunities to requal are as follows:

  1. Sandridge LSC: 11th November at 10:00am
  2. Fairhaven SLSC: 18th November 10:00am
  3. Fairhaven SLSC: 15th December 10:00am
  4. Fairhaven SLSC 27th December 12:00pm

Members must complete the online theory and register for the requal they wish to attend via the following link:


Patrols commence on Saturday 1st December and we are grateful to all our dedicated Active members who keep our beach and community safe.

The FALCON Teams and Patrolling Member Lists have now been uploaded to the Fairhaven SLSC website under the ‘Patrols’ section. Also available is a Factsheet that once again explains the FALCON Program as well as the new patrolling structure at the club for the upcoming season.

Go to:

If you have any further questions, or would simply like clarification on a patrol-related matter, please send Michael Henderson an email at:
[email protected]

We are looking forward to seeing you on the beach for another fantastic season of patrolling!


The following list of dates is not exhaustive but includes key dates for your diary for forthcoming important club events.

Sun 11th November – Sandridge requal (10am)
Sun 18th November – Fairhaven requal (10am)
Sat 1st December – Patrols commence
Sat 15th December – Fairhaven requal (10am)
Sun 16th December – Bronze Camp commences
Thurs 27th December – Nippers commences (AM) Fairhaven Requal (12 Noon)
Sat 29th December – River Swim
Mon 31st December – New Years Eve Function
Tues 1st January – Door Knock
Fri 4th January – Cosy Corner Nipper Carnival
Sun 6th January – Tim Gates Fun Run
Sat 12th January – Pier to Pub
Sat 19th January – 5th Annual FSLSC Ladies Luncheon
Sun 27th January – Australia Day Function
Sat 23rd-24th February – Victorian Nipper Championships – Lorne

Membership Renewals

Please renew your membership of Fairhaven SLSC as soon as possible. The Club needs the support of all of its members. Nippers registration requires a paid up Family Membership to be accepted.

For Active/Patrolling Members – you need to be financial in order to be able to requalify for the forthcoming patrolling season.

Full details here:

Please contact Nicole Clarke – [email protected] or 0439 804 772 – if you require assistance with the renewal process.

Nipper Registration / Swim Proficiency Forms

Nipper registration will be held open until November 15.

Full details on Fairhaven SLSC website.

Please note that your registration form will NOT BE VALID if you have not completed and paid your family membership prior to completing the registration form.

All Nippers U8 & above must have a Swim Proficiency form signed off as part of their registration for the program & cannot participate in water activities without this. This proficiency is a pool-based assessment & can be done by a qualified swim teacher, or lifeguard.

Please contact Kirstin Charlesworth at [email protected] or Nicole Clarke [email protected] with any queries.

Supagas Member Deal

FSLSC has recently changed over its gas supplier to Supagas and obtain a much better deal. As part of this arrangement, treasurer – Pam Freeman was able to secure a great benefit for Fairhaven members.

Any members not currently with Supagas are able to reduce their current gas price by 25% and also get 50% off their current rental price for Gas Tanks and cylinders.

To set up an account with Supagas, please contact David Boyd on 0448 864 307 or [email protected] and let him know you are a FSLSC member.

The club is grateful for the support of Supagas!

Tim Gates Classic

Sunday 6th January 2019 – 4.30pm

Online Registration now open!

In an effort to streamline the process for our members, you will notice a slightly different registration process compared to previous years. Please register early and support this fantastic club event!

Go To:

Once again, our major sponsor is Great Ocean Properties and we are very grateful for their support. Marty Maher has kindly put together a promotional video for the day which promises to be a fantastic one.

Online Merchandise

In conjunction with Ghanda, our online store has been revamped and redesigned!

For any pre-season merchandise shopping needs, please head to:

If any members have an interest in being involved with our merchandise – whether that is from a design perspective or helping out with logistics/in-shop over summer – please email Nicole – [email protected].

Member Code of Conduct / WWCC

In April 2018, FSLSC updated and published our Member Code of Conduct.

The aims of this document are to set out the minimum behavioural standards for anyone involved in the Club or Club activities. Every person: club member, official, participant, administrator, coach, parent, spectator, visitor or member of the community involved with the Fairhaven SLSC, should adhere to these codes of conduct.

Download: FSLSC – Code of Conduct (pdf)

Additionally, as a club we wish to provide a safe and supportive family environment and having all adult members holding a current WWCC is one component of this. The Fairhaven Surf Life Saving Club requires all members 18 years or over to hold a current WWCC.

Download: Working With Children Policy (pdf)

We are in the process of auditing our current status in regard to this and the Committee views this as an ongoing project as well as the club’s moral obligation to our junior members.

If you do not have a current WWCC – please follow the steps as outlined here.

If you have queries, please contact Nicole Clarke (details above).

Fairhaven SLSC App

The FSLSC App for iPhone and Android will function again for the third season. It is packed full of easy to access Fairhaven information and also allows us to communicate with you quickly and easily. If you did not download last season – please do so by going to App store and searching for Fairhaven SLSC.

We have eliminated the need for registration and passwords to access the App so just download and it will be ready to go!

Thanks to all our members for your ongoing support of the Club.

Please keep an eye on our website and download the Fairhaven SLSC App for more updates.

We look forward to seeing you on the beach soon!

Best wishes,

Darren West
President – Fairhaven SLSC