Newsletter – July 7, 2017

Notice of Annual General Meeting

After a busy year at the club it is once again time for our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

At this moment there are four committee members who are vacating their roles for the forthcoming season. They are Treasurer, Club Captain, Youth & Leadership and Administration. We thank Andrew Cresswell, James Burt, Imogen Dingle and Julia Clarke for their efforts in these roles.

This year we are holding the meeting in our wonderful club house, on a Sunday morning.

Date: Sunday 13th August 2017
Time: 10:30am
Location: Fairhaven SLSC

Download: 2017 AGM agenda (pdf)
Download: 2016 AGM minutes (pdf)

Revised Constitution

Further this year, we have taken the opportunity to make updates to our Constitution which reflect the current operational nature of the Club. It had been raised at a committee level, the need to update the constitution and put in place By Laws to cover changes in legislation like the Child Safety Policy in accordance with the Child Sexual Abuse Safety Act. And in addition the changes to members categories to be incorporated in the bylaws. The committee requested that this was reviewed by the Constitution Sub-committee and recommendations made as a priority and put in place in time for this AGM. The amended wording has been adopted from the LSV template.

A big thank you to the sub-committee: Nick Harding, Tamsin Lawrence, Mal Freake, Clint Hinchen and Julia Clarke

We have made 3 Constitutional documents available for you to download and digest:
A summary notes document outlining the proposed changes (needs to be read in conjunction with ‘final draft’ marked up document);
A ‘final draft’ marked up copy of the proposed changes (so you can see the actual proposed changes); and
A ‘final draft – clean’ version (this version shows the document as if the proposed changes have all been adopted) We need to vote on approving changes to our constitution at the AGM and you will note the 2017 AGM agenda item reflecting the same. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible.

We have also attached a DRAFT version of the By Laws table of contents. The committee will make it a priority to continue to work on and implement the By Laws over the coming year. This draft has also been taken from a template and the committee has been hard at work writing and approving policies which make up this document. Policies which form the By Laws and have already been approved include: The Code of Conduct, Child Safety Policy and the illicit drugs policy. The club functional structure was already in place and has been under review and due to be approved shortly. Other sections have been copied from the previous constitution. As these policies are approved, they will be uploaded to our website.

Download: Draft Bylaws TOC (pdf)