Newsletter – February 3, 2021

Dear Members,

Back to school, back to work – it has all been a bit hard to take after the glorious Australia Day weekend that was enjoyed by many Haven members!

Still, club life moves on at pace and there are a number of things on the calendar including Lorne Masters State Championships this weekend and Nipper State Titles in Warrnambool on Labour Day weekend.

The club will be well represented at LSV International Women’s Day breakfast and our patrols have remained very busy with a number of rescues throughout the summer. Higher beach patronage across Victoria seems to have been a COVID consequence and lifesavers all over the State have put their skills and training to use.


With the busy December-January period now behind us, we would like to thank all of our patrolling members for their effort and hard work through the peak of the summer period.

Whether on patrol at Fairhaven, or involved more broadly across the state with other LSV services, our members have done an exemplary job on the beach in what has been a busy season.

Our active members have responded to several incidents and managed changing and challenging conditions, resulting in a number of rescues, over the past few weeks and we are immensely thankful for their hard work and dedication.

Looking ahead, the patrol season still has a way to go and we thank our patrol teams for their continued efforts on the beach.

Liam O’Callaghan
Club Captain


The main Nippers season has come to a close & whilst it was a shorter program than normal due to COVID, if certainly felt like the first dose of normality that many of us needed at the end of 2020!

A huge thanks to all the people involved. Nippers is a massive machine with so many moving parts, and if your children participated this season, you were one of those parts either on or off the beach.

A particular thank you to the awesome Age Group Managers, the Specialist Coaches (some of whom like Simon, Hannah, Samson, Marty, Brad, Chloe & James don’t actually have Nipper age kids any more (or yet!) & still give their time & expertise to assist the kids in our program).

Also to Richard our Head of Water Safety & his extra-ordinary team of U15 & other teen helpers. Scott & Ed in the boat again, who were never needed more than they were at Club Champs this year! Big shoes to fill boys but thank you for all that you have done this season and all the preceding ones!

Also Paul, our new AGM mentor, Marcus our ever reliable trailer man, the Gear Stocktake team, as well as Nicole in admin & Charlie in Merch.. it’s such a long list of awesomeness really!

Thanks also to Sonia & her fabulous team of medical First Aid parents, who both assist with delivery of 1st Aid on the beach & also teach our U11/12/13 how to perform CPR, such an invaluable life skill. Whilst this is not a skill we wish for any of our children to need, experience has taught us that very occasionally one of them does, and then the skills they have learned really can be the difference which allows a life to be saved.

Last but not least, Tony & Charlie Symons a huge thank to you for your ongoing financial support through your Clarendon Lawyers sponsorship of our program. This year they funded all those peach Nipper towels. I must say working my way through the PMS colour variations of Fairhaven blue & orange over the years has been a job that has gradually morphed into a rather fun hobby, one of the many things that I will miss!
U13 Nipper Encouragement Awards this year went to two very deserving winners: Ella Sharpe in U13 girls & Dan Chandler in U13 boys. Both Ella & Dan have participated & achieved throughout their Nipper journey. They exemplify what we hope to foster; Nippers who are happy to have a go, look out for their mates, make the most of what the program has to offer, & do it with a sense of purpose & with a smile on the dial! We look forward to the next phase of your Lifesaving journey at Fairhaven, starting with SRC next season we hope.

Nipper Parent of the Year was awarded to Marcus Reid, or Mr Can Do as he’s sometimes known. Marcus & Sandie’s youngest of 3 sons finished Nippers this season & the Reid family have put in throughout their years involved with the program. From main season AGM, Competition AGM, Board Coach, board trailer helper.. Marcus has simply stepped up every year into which ever role we needed him in most, regardless of which role actually best suited him or his family. We owe him & the Reid’s in general, a huge debt of thanks, so the award was certainly an easy one to deliver in Season 2020/21.

The weather rarely plays nicely for an entire Nipper Season & this year was no different. The biggest challenge was finding a suitable date to run Club Champs & to say we had to compromise with a “just passable” day is an understatement. With a cold southerly gusting & drizzle to welcome us on the beach, the kids put on brave faces & endured some big waves & very tough surf conditions, but coped really well to their credit. Well done to all who took part!

Club Champs overall winners were as follows:

  • U8 – Clara Hawkins & Campbell Cohen
  • U9 – Pippa Riddell & Leo Trigg
  • U10 – Nina Grigsby & Max Wilcox
  • U11 – Annabel Chan & Gus Callaghan
  • U12 – Olivia Webb & Oscar Doggett
  • U13 – Tilly Marshall & Toby Callaghan

Overall Club Champions were a double tie this year with Pippa Riddell & Nina Grigsby winning the girls & Gus & Toby Callaghan winning the boys. All amazing competitors & great sports!

Club Champions 2020/21 – Toby Callaghan, Gus Callaghan, Pippa Riddell, Nina Grigsby

Competition Season

Unfortunately, due to COVID causing restricted numbers at carnivals, only the U12 & 13 groups are able to compete this season. We will take a small team to Mordialloc on Jan 31 & hope to report some great results. States will again be at Warnambool in March, again with only U12/13 events.

Robyn & I thank you for your support all season & the many season before this. We have a couple of months to go before we hand over to the dynamic trio of Melissa Vallance, Tanya Singleton & Kate Wilcox & we look forward to introducing you to them in a little more detail in the Easter Haven.

Anyway, onwards to Comp Season for now… Go Haven!

Kirstin Charlesworth
VP Junior Development

Sunset Bar Hours

The Sunset Bar and Bistro was very well patronised over the peak summer period providing excellent amenity to our members and their guests. Huge thanks to Dave and Pia Maher and all their staff for working so hard and seamlessly with the club as we juggled space/ times and COVID restrictions.

Online meal bookings were a great success and this initiative will remain moving forward.

The Sunset Bar will be open ongoing on Friday and Saturday nights through until mid March.

  • Bar open from 5pm
  • Meals available from 6pm
  • Table/meals bookings at


Sports has been hard hit by COVID restrictions but things are starting to gather momentum now.

The Victorian Masters Lifesaving Championships will be held this coming Saturday at Lorne with a youth/senior and boats carnival to be held on Sunday at the same venue. The Haven will have about 20 competitors taking part and we wish them the best of luck.

Full report and results in next newsletter.

Chloe Hardman
VP Sports

Vegetation Management

As previously mentioned, the club has been in discussion with GORCC and DELWP regarding ongoing maintenance of the vegetation surrounding the clubhouse – some of which posed a fire risk to the club.

Some of the works commenced this week and there has been a significant removal of vegetation on the northerly/road aspect of the club. Whilst it does look a bit bare at the moment, keep in mind that this is the first step in a longer term strategy to remove elevated vegetation and transition vegetation to low open non-flammable native vegetation.

DELWP have placed an order for lots of fire smart species for replanting over the next few months and we are grateful for their hard work and cooperation with the club.

A more detailed description of the site plan can be viewed with the link below.

Download: Fairhaven Site Plan (pdf)


Due to COVID restrictions, we were forced to run a modified form of New years day fundraising involving collection points at Aireys Inlet General Store and Onda. Big thanks to the proprietors of those businesses for their support and also to our willing U15 participants and adults who sat at the collection points.

If you missed the opportunity to donate and you still wish to do so – please go to

Many thanks for your ongoing support of our club and community.

See you on the beach soon.

Best wishes,

Darren West
President – Fairhaven SLSC