LSV Leadership Development Workshop Reflection – Maddy Green

As a young female in lifesaving, I’m continually inspired by the incredible role models in our movement. On the 23rd of February I was fortunate enough to attend LSV’s Leadership Development Workshop and meet one of such women, Kate Bell. Kate was the first female, and youngest ever President of Mentone LSC and hearing about how she overcame the attitudes of some club members, and the positive change she was able to induce within her club opened my eyes to the impact a relatively young person can have within an organization, and made me question what I want my impact to be as I continue my development within lifesaving. I’m extremely grateful for my exposure to such empowering female role models, for they encourage me to push for goals I thought may have been out of my reach.

The session turned to focus on your perception of yourself as a leader, in contrast to the reality of who you are. Kate’s story, along with this, has prompted me to think more about the importance of ensuring that your actions and principles as a leader, align with your personal values. This, and the following discussions I had with young leaders from other clubs gave me a valuable insight into how other clubs run. At the end of the evening, I felt invigorated and was left with the beginnings of ideas that I hope to one day be able to implement here at Fairhaven.

I would fully recommend the leadership development programs at LSV to anyone within the 18-30 year old target age who wants to expand upon their leadership skills. I’d like to thank Fairhaven for supporting my participation in this program, and hope to continue my involvement in the future.