Membership and Leadership Development

The Membership and Leadership Development section of Fairhaven SLSC is an area within the Club aims to engage members in development of leadership capabilities as well as encouraging their continued participation at Fairhaven for future years. The M&LD team incorporates nippers and also has a particular focus on developing relationships and engagement with Fairhaven’s youth membership.

Our team consists of:

  • Vice President for M&LD:
  • Mark Scotland
  • Nippers Co-ordinator:
  • Melissa Vallence & Tanya Singleton

Our goal is to provide a smooth transition from nippers into training programs run by our Training and Assessment team (such as SRC and Bronze Medallion). We also strive to retain as many active young members as we can within Fairhaven and provide support and training for all our club Leaders and potential Leaders.

There are a number of leadership programs run by Life Saving Victoria (LSV) and Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) that we hope to have a Fairhaven representative attend. These include:

  • U/13 Development Camp
  • U/15 Leadership Development camp
  • Champion Junior Lifesaver
  • 18-25 Leadership weekend
  • Building Leaders Scholarship
  • Female Leadership Network
  • National Leadership College
  • SLSA Masterclass

Fairhaven has a strong history of successfully participating in state and national leadership programs. The M&LD team hopes to maintain the great success we have had in this area in previous years. For more information see:


This year we are again running our highly successful nippers program (please see the Nippers section of the website)

Under 15s Program
The under 15s program at Fairhaven is an integral part of the Fairhaven Surf Club, bridging the year between Surf Rescue Certificate (U/14) and Bronze Medallion (15+) training. The program focuses on retaining young and enthusiastic members who still have so much to offer. There is a heavy focus on teamwork and networking within the broader context of the Surf Club. Activities such as kayaking, mountain bike riding and social events enable the candidates to get to know each other and other members of the club including Instructors and Committee Members. Life Saving specific activities are still included and candidates with their SRC will be provided with the opportunity to requalify their award with a Skills Maintenance session being incorporated into the program.

Please see the u/15 page for further details.

If you would like to become involved in the area of M&LD or have any suggestions or feedback for us, please don’t hesitate to contact any of our team members.