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Welcome to Nipper Season 2019/20

To those who have registered for the first time, welcome! To those who are returning, it certainly is great to have you back for another year. Robyn & I are looking forward to another great season, with an awesome team of AGMs once again to lead our Nipper Groups. Details & further info coming out soon in the Christmas Haven.

We still have a little room in some age groups, & with a simplified swim form processing at the LSV end we have left registration open longer this season, but will close off in the next few days, so if you know anyone yet to register please ask them to do it ASAP or contact me with any queries on [email protected].

Swim Forms

We really need to get hold of these, we currently only have ~50% returned forms, so please, if you have not already done so, the App is a great way to do the form this season.

Download the FSLC App, go to eforms & follow the directions, as long as you have the App downloaded when you go to the pool the rest takes under 2 minutes.

Option 2 is to print a form & once completed, send it back to the address on the form [email protected] so that we can get on with processing them with LSV.
Yes, you can send it to me, but it saves me forwarding it if you just send directly to address on the form.

Download: Swimming Proficiency form (pdf)

Season Dates

Season Dates are linked to below, including Comp Dates for any Nippers keen to join our competition program. Age groups are U8-U13 for most carnivals, except States which is U9-U13.

Main season sessions are held at Fairhaven but are always subject to change depending on conditions (Painkalac or Roadknight) & these changes are generally notified via the App so please make sure you have this downloaded prior to heading down (Fairhaven SLSC App in App store) & allow push notifications.

It’s worth noting that (after a little bit of agonising), we have decided not to run the Nipper disco this year, but rather just the Open Mic. The reason being that due to when Christmas falls, we have a tight calendar this season and we couldn’t fit them in on separate nights and given how much of a “whole family affair” the Open Mic has become ,we didn’t want anyone missing out on it.

So, the Open Mic will run on December 30, from 4 PM on the Sunset Deck, with early meals available for Nipper families. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s a music celebration of sorts, with kids, parents & combinations of both, performing (singing, playing an instrument or both!) over the course of the evening. There is always a fabulous mixture of talent & courage and done in a happy & light-hearted way. An event not to miss!

Go To: Club Calendars

Gear Collection

Will be at the clubhouse on Dec 27 from 8am.

Full gear pack for new Nippers, rashie & towel for others. I ask for your understanding & forgiveness if you need to make sizing compromises. In the interests of avoiding waste we are using up lots of excess mixed stock on rashies this season (all Fairhaven colours)!

Hopefully it will all work out for everyone, but I know lots of families have LOADS of extras in the cupboards so if anyone wants to offload some, we will also have a free second-hand system running. Skull caps are a great place to write kids names as they are used season on season, but rashies can be handed down more easily if they are not named in too obvious a way!

Post Christmas Bronze

Fergus Orr will be running this again this season, details on the link below. If you are a Nipper parent keen to tick this off your to do list this could be your year!

Go To: Post Christmas Bronze Program 2019/20