Fairhaven SLSC Membership – How To Join

You should NOT use the following to join Fairhaven if you have ever been a member of an Australian Surf Life Saving Club. Please contact a membership officer of your previous club or Surf Life Saving Australia’s Help Line to start TRANSFER procedures.

Thank you for considering Fairhaven SLSC as your club of choice.

Please apply for your membership as soon as possible to make the summer enjoyable for all.

Prompt and correct membership will ensure compliance with national and state legislative requirements, essential to your Club’s viability.

In the information below you will find:

  • An introduction to the SLSA Members Portal
  • Membership Application Tasks and Deadlines
  • Task A: How to apply for membership (Join)
  • Task B: How to pay your membership fees (Make a Payment)
    • Membership Fees
  • Task C: Working With Children Check information
  • Task D: How to create a Members Portal Account
  • Task E: How to create a Family Group within the Portal

A pdf version of these instructions can also be downloaded from the Resources box on the right.

An introduction to the new SLSA Members Portal

The Surf Life Saving Australia’s (SLSA) Members Portal aims to be a one-stop-shop for member information.

The Members Portal encompasses a number of key features including:

  • Lifesaving Online – submit membership renewals, update your personal details and make payments
  • The ability to view your awards, patrol hours and request and accept patrol substitutions
  • Keep up to date with the latest news, events and information from LSV and SLSA
  • A resource library containing LSV & SLSA SOP’s, policies, forms, circulars and other important and useful documents
  • The ability to make applications for recognition awards

Membership application Tasks and Deadlines

Our trials suggest it will take between 10-20 minutes to renew your membership including creating a new portal account and paying.

  • Individuals: 10 minutes
  • Couples: 15 minutes
  • Family of Four: 20 minutes

For those who wish to enrol in Nippers it is mandatory that MEMBERSHIP, PAYMENT and CLUB ACCEPTANCE are completed by mid-September. Nipper enrolment cannot be guaranteed if membership is received later than this date.

TASK Deadline
A: Apply for Membership (Join) Preferably by Season Start – 1st October 2017
B: Pay for your membership and for all others in your family group. Preferably by Season Start – 1st October 2017
C: The organisation or renewal of the “Working with Children Check (WWCC)” where appropriate, with notification to Fairhaven SLSC 30th November 2017 or before the first season’s activities – whichever comes earlier
D: Create a Surf Life Saving Australia MEMBERS PORTAL Account. 31st October 2017 or before the first season’s activities – whichever comes earlier
E: For Family Membership – Create the family group Preferably by Season Start – 31st October 2017
Enrol in Nippers. Enrolments open 1st October 2017.
Enrolments close 31st October 2017
Register for Courses including: U14 Surf Rescue Certificate, U15 Program, Bronze Medallion summer 2017/2018 program, Pre-Christmas Bronze Camp, Pre-Christmas Silver Camp, Participation Encouragement Program Preferably by Season Start – 31st October 2017

The following are all subject to successful renewal of your membership.

  • Nipper registration can be completed through the Fairhaven web site between 1st and 31st October
  • Re-qualifications and courses
  • Insurance coverage in accordance with Surf Life Saving Australia’s (SLSA) insurance regulations.

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Task A: Apply for Membership (Join)

To apply for membership at Fairhaven SLSC you will need to join via the Surf Life Saving website https://sls.com.au/join/

Join via the Surf Life Saving website

Follow the questions:

If you have not been a member of any surf club in the past 2 years, select Join (No).

Select Surf Life Saving Club and then enter the details:

State: Life Saving Victoria
Club/Organisation: Fairhaven

Complete the rest of the questions and select continue

Prior Membership Question

Select Surf Life Saving Club

Complete: General Details, Medical Details, Emergency Contacts, Education, Enrolment/Background Details.

Read the SLSA Membership Application and Declaration. Tick the relevant boxes and submit the form.

If joining up multiple new members, details of EACH member 5 or older (at 30/09/2017) must be provided.  Please use the LINK highlighted in the screen image below to add further members.  You will get the opportunity to group these new members into a family group and instructions follow.

Add multiple members if applicable


Payment will need to be made before your application can be reviewed for approval.

Select the link under Making Payment

Pay your fees online

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Task B: How to pay your membership fees (Make a Payment)

Pay the appropriate fees (see fees table later in this section). Remember if you are paying for more than one person, you must ensure they have also renewed their membership in the previous step, and have either created a Members Portal Account or been linked in a Family Group within the portal.

Complete steps 1-6:

  1. On the Online Payments page
  2. Enter Individual payment information (as per examples below) – See Membership Fees table in the next section for fees and categories.
  3. Click Submit
  4. Provide credit card details and hit the Submit button
  5. Confirm the payment details and click Submit
  6. Wait for the Payment Receipt. You will receive emails with a receipt attached. Of particular importance is the Receipt Number. For enrolment in Nippers and other activities, if this number is not correctly provided, cut-off dates for activities might be exceeded before membership can reconcile payments made.

Enter payment details

Example 1 – Families (step 3)

Any one person who is renewing a family can pay for the whole family. However, please identify the family that the payment is for (on the same line). It is the only way we can assure all members of the family are converted to full membership for 17/18 season.
Membership Fees
Family – Smith Family (Jim, Bill, Sue, Jack) and Mary Jones

Example 2 – Multiple individuals (Groups) (step 3)

Multiple payments for individuals can be made for more than one person (e.g. couples or if you are paying for a friend), but please place payments for different people or membership categories on a row by themselves. Clearly indicate who the payment is for because it is the only way we can assure all people are converted to full membership for 17/18 season. Remember each person must also renew membership and create a portal account.
Membership Fees
Jane Smith: Associate
Membership Fees
Bob Smith: Active

Example 3 – Group (family of 4 + 2 grandparents) (step 3)

In the example below, 3 portal accounts (one each for Josephine, Donald and one for John as the family primary contact) would have been created, and 6 memberships renewed. Josephine has chosen to pay and has provided the details of all to ensure Fairhaven’s Membership Registrar can activate all the renewal requests.


Membership Fees – Season 2017/2018

Senior Active 18 years and over at 30/09/17 – Bronze Holder / Patrol Member *** SA $75
Junior Active 15 to 17 years at 30/09/17 *** JA $75
Cadet Active 13 to 14 years at 30/09/17 *** CA $75
Reserve Active *** RA $120
Long Service LS $120
Associate/Social * A $120*
Family/General ** F $300**

*Associate/Social Membership
The member must be 18 or over at 30/09/17 and is non active. This membership does not permit use of Fairhaven lifesaving equipment such as boards etc.

**Family/General Membership
This is restricted to TWO adult members and their children aged between 5 and 17 years as at 30/09/17. Anyone purchasing a family membership please note that this does not guarantee Nippers enrolment. You must enrol for Nippers between 1st Octiber and 31st October 2017 using your membership receipt number showing appropriate fee payment. Family Membership does not include U14 SRC course fee.

***Active Membership
New or requalified Bronze Holder/ Patrolling Member. Active members required to do a minimum of 16 hours of rostered patrol. Only active, nippers and Family/General members with current WWCC are allowed access to the lower ground patrol, boat, board and storage areas.


Have you completed payment steps 1-6?
If not, return to the instructions on How to pay your membership fees and complete the remaining steps.

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Task C: Working with Children Check

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a State Government requirement. For surf lifesaving members 18 years of age and over, interaction with children across a broad spectrum of activities demands that this policy must be broadly applied. WWCC is valid for 5 years. A number of members should have received or will soon receive a renewal notice for their WWCC from the Department of Justice. Please ensure you have renewed before the season starts. Membership Protection is SLSA’s terminology for WWCC.

The following table illustrates where Members 18 years and over require a WWCC.


WWCC Required by LSV

Active (Patrolling Members) Yes
Trainers (qualified or unqualified) & Camp Leaders Yes
Nipper Programs/Carnivals (qualified or unqualified eg. Officials, Age Managers., Team Managers, & Assistants (Parents and Guardians) Yes
Associate Members Required if you believe the WWCC definitions * and ** below apply to you during the season.
Life Members Required if you believe the WWCC definitions * and ** below apply to you during the season.
* Contact that is not incidental to but normally part of providing a service or activity for children.
** Contact that involves physical contact, face to face communication or within eyeshot when providing services or activities for children.

Life Saving Victoria requires these members to have a WWCC- despite their exemption under the Act.
Without undertaking a WWCC there is no link between your profession, the Department of Justice, and any volunteer organisation in which you participate. Without such a link, any compromise to your professional status deemed to require action cannot be forwarded to voluntary organisations.

Online Application
For new applicants, reviews of status of current check, for renewing WWCC or changing WWCC information (e.g. address change) go to:

How can I check if Fairhaven SLSC has my WWCC details?

Log in to the Member Portal. Select Memberships. Under the surf club you are a member of you will notice some various details including ‘Child Protection Completed’. Child Protection Completed should have “Yes (expires xx/xx/xxxx)”.


Please note: To update your WWCC details in the system, please email [email protected] your name, Member ID, and WWCC details.

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Task D: Create a SLSA Members Portal Account

You should only need to create an account initially, every season thereafter you will simply login and renew.To view your training awards, make other club payments e.g. for courses or to renew your membership next season, you will need to create a members portal account.

1 Portal Account per Individual OR Family Group*
1 Membership per Individual AND EACH Family Member

* For the Family Portal Group, all members of the Family must already be members of Fairhaven (i.e they have renewed or applied for membership)

So for example, a Family of 4 would only need 1 Portal Account but will still need to renew 4 Memberships.

SLSA has changed its national membership management system. This year please CREATE a new MEMBERS PORTAL ACCOUNT (if you haven’t already) for each individual member or for the primary contact of your family group. This will be the only access point you will need for all your lifesaving activities from events/news updates, to patrol rosters, to updating personal details and renewing club membership. Go to portal.sls.com.au

Take the Create Account tab. If you have already registered for an SLSA portal account take the Login tab.


Please Note
  • Families will only need one portal account for the primary contact. E.g. mum OR dad can create a portal account and then log in and group their family members (see Family Grouping below).
  • If a family member also patrols, they may wish to create their own Members Portal Account to enable them to log in separately and view patrol roster information, awards, news etc.
  • If any person is an existing club member, the first and last names entered, date of birth and mobile number / email address must EXACTLY match the one currently stored by your club. You can use the same email address for all your children. The email address you have received this email at, is most likely the one stored by your club.
  • For ease of management of a family, you may use the same password for each new portal user.


Email Activation – you will receive an email from [email protected]. Either click the link or paste the URL at the bottom of the email into your web browser to activate your account.

Mobile Activation – the next screen displayed will ask you to enter your username and password exactly as you chose it earlier, followed by the confirmation code you receive by SMS.

If you do not receive an SMS or Email, please click the “Resend Your Confirmation Code” option on the Portal home page portal.sls.com.au. If you do not receive an email, please also check your spam/junk folder as it may have been trapped there.

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Task E: Create a Family Group

This step is optional. If you prefer, you may create a SLSA Member Portal Account for each member of your family.

Or for quick and easy membership renewals, you can now link members within your family. Just follow these 10 steps:

  1. Primary contact (Mum or Dad) should create a Member Portal Account
  2. Primary contact to log into the Member Portal
  3. Go to the Lifesaving Online Tab
  4. Select the My Family Tab
  5. Click on ‘Create Family Group’
  6. Create a Family Group Name e.g. Clarke Family or Smith Family
  7. Select the Organisation (if you are a member of more than one club, you will need to create a Family Group for each club)
  8. Select members in the Family Group by typing in their first and last names and DOB to search for the correct members. You cannot search for the Primary Contact – this person will automatically be included in the group.
  9. Available Members will appear. Click on the relevant one and then the > button to move them to the ‘Selected members’ column.
  10. Repeat numbers 8-9 for each member of your family and then select Submit

NB: Once your family group has been approved by the registrar, you will receive an email of confirmation.


To update details for each member of the family, go to the My Family tab within the Lifesaving Online tab and click View next to the Family Group you wish to update. Then click Edit next to the family member whose details you wish to update. Repeat for each member of the family.

FAMILIES – Update details: Select view and then select Edit to update details