Fairhaven Leaders Retreat – Matt Ferraro and Sarah Burt

Participants (L-R): Matilda Douglas, Matt Ferraro, Jack Rundle, Sarah Burt

As part of a new leadership initiative at FSLSC, the Fairhaven Leaders Retreat held in December 2013 proved to be a very positive experience thanks to Imogen and others who contributed to the weekend program.

The workshop provided insights from the life experiences of various speakers and encouraged discussion amongst participants about our own leadership values and aspirations, in the context of lifesaving and broader aspects of our lives.

Presentations and activities acted as a springboard for further development of our personal goals and gave rise to new ideas, as we each generated a project to be activated at the Club next season.

Working together with friends and colleagues, we also developed a better understanding of our various leadership styles and skills and this will help build stronger teams for the future.

A thoroughly worthwhile investment of time and effort for all concerned, let’s hope the Leader’s Retreat becomes a regular event in the Club calendar.