Under 13 Development Camp – Lucy Caffry

Gabby Condilis (left) and Lucy Caffry (right)

On Friday the 8th of February, 2013, Gabby Condilis and I had the opportunity to attend the Under 13 development camp in Emerald.

We were both really excited about the new experience but had no idea what to expect.

We had a great time on the bus and met lots of other girls and boys who did nippers at different clubs all around the state. The development camp was designed to teach us team work and leadership skills.

When we got to camp we sorted out our own cabins and after a short night sleep and breakfast the leaders split us into groups separating us from anyone from our club.

We participated in a series of challenges and my first challenge was the ropes course. We had to get the whole group across the wire without helping or touching them from the side. All the boys in the group immediately took charge because there were so many more boys and only three girls in the group. The boys couldn’t figure a way out and it took them a while to notice us girls and ask us for our opinion, but when we started speaking up, we ended up using a great deal of team work, leadership and strength.

In the end we didn’t complete the task but we all managed to complete the next task which was getting everyone through the spider web without anyone touching the web, and the next one where we all had to be on the plank of rocking wood for 20 seconds without touching the ground.

The cabins were great, we had heaps of food and the challenges were all of top quality.

We had a fantastic time and we enjoyed ourselves.

It was a fabulous camp and I am definitely hoping to go on the Under 15 development camp in two years.