Latest Nipper News


What a season it was! As usual, we had close to 400 kids swarm onto the beach on Dec 27 for our 2 week Nipper program.

The weather was mostly kind to us & despite the challenges presented by frequent shark sightings, for the first time in 5+ years, every session was run at either Fairhaven beach or the Painkalac.

A big thank you again to all the AGM’s, specialist coaches, water safety & every family who helped in some way, as well as to Ed & Scott in the IRB who made sure they kept the kids in the water as safe as possible during our sessions.

Season Highlights Included:

No 1 (without question):
Winning the Lorne/Fairhaven Shield at Fairhaven. A tight contest & lots of fun for all involved. Matthew has been waiting more than 5 years for that Shield to return, 10+ since it has been won on home turf, so a prouder man you will rarely see (truth is we all had trouble containing our excitement!)

No 2:
All sessions at our beloved Fairhaven beach, oh so easy for all concerned!


Competition season is in full swing, headed up by Matthew again.

So far we have had comps at South Melbourne in Dec, both Cosy & Ocean Grove as well as the first of 2 state qualifiers, at Chelsea in January, with kids having a second chance to qualify for States at Lorne in February. Our last main season carnival was in the bay at Elwood on Feb 26.

Junior State Champs will be held in Warnambool again on March 11 & 12, with a total of 64 competitiors representing our club, so we wish all the kids the very best for that event.

Gabe Cornwell, in U12 boys, was selected into the Victorian Development Team that competed in Nipper Nats at Manly beach on Jan 27. His twin brother John also competed for the club at the National Titles & was placed 2nd in the 1km run and 3rd in the beach sprint. Gabe recently won the 1km Victorian Endurance Championships at Half Moon Bay on Nov 19. Well done boys!

Kirstin Charlesworth
Nipper Co-ordinator, FSLC