Latest Nipper News


We are looking forward to another great season of Nippers, which kicks off as usual on Dec 27.

Thank you to families for your co-operation in registering your children in October this year. It may seem an early cut off, however that bit of extra time makes such a difference in allowing us to get everything organised.

This seasons Nipper calendar is available on the website.

Please note that there has been a change of date for the Lorne Shield which will now be held on Jan 2. The Nipper Disco & Open Mic will run that evening so let’s hope we have plenty to celebrate. This year the club will open for meals that evening just for Nipper families; so we can dine, dance & sing the night away!

Swim Forms

Thanks to all the families who did submit these as requested in October, can’t thank you enough actually.

I think it’s important to understand that not all Nipper programs have such a huge reliance on these swim forms being completed by parents before the program. Bay clubs & clubs with access to a bay beach can just put the kids in the water on day 1 & assess proficiency. At Fairhaven, this is just not possible to do safely, hence the requirement to check proficiency prior to the program. A small price to pay for a beach like Fairhaven in my view.

Submitting the forms is only a small part of the job however, the cross checking (thank you Nicole Clarke!) & LSV processing (big welcome to the team Jane Malone!) takes much more time.

We still have 30+ un-submitted forms so these families need to be aware that your children won’t be able to participate until these forms are received & processed with LSV on Dec 27.

I would also like to extend a big thank-you to Sue, Brett & Anna who offered to help with Awards Processing, it’s a great feeling to know we have that level of support within the Nipper community.

Nipper Gear Packs

Only new Nippers will receive a full gear pack this season (bag, blue & pink rash vests, towel, skull cap, broad brimmed hat) & as always we thank our major sponsor Clarendon Lawyers as well as Great Ocean Properties for their financial contributions towards the gear packs again this season.

All Nippers will receive blue & pink rash vests.

Gear pick up will be at the clubhouse on Dec 27, prior to the first session. Collect from 8am.

Nipper Parent Bronze

This season the club is offering a post Christmas Bronze course, to run during the Nipper period. Fergus Orr is in charge so you can be sure it’ll be an excellent program.

If you wish to make an enquiry contact:

Fergus at [email protected] -or-
Kirstin at [email protected] -or-
Register via the website here.

Advanced Awards

The club is also running a range of advanced award course during the Nipper season, open to Nipper parents who are keen to upskill.

  • First Aid + Resuscitation Course (3 day course)
  • Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Course (2 day course)
  • Spinal Management (1day course)
  • IRB Crew and Driver training (come on, Ed & Scott need some back up!)

Eve Lardner is in charge so please contact her if you would like to find out more at: [email protected]

See you all soon, I hope you are as excited as I am about some sun, sand, surf & let’s not forget, sausages!

Kirstin Charlesworth
Nipper Co-ordinator, FSLC